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All the information on one of the most anticipated products in the SEO industry!

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What Is Article Samurai?

The team behind the hugely popular keyword research tool Market Samurai (with over 300,000 users) have just started the launch process of a brand new product called Article Samurai which is looking to be an article syndication network and if their previous products are anything to go by - it will be of high quality!


What Do We Know About Article Samurai At The Moment?

As I just mentioned, the team at Noble Samurai are currently in their 'hype' stage of their new product launch so there are no hard facts about the product at the moment, but let's take a quick look at what we can currently find about the product:

1. Free Videos All Focusing On ARTICLE SYNDICATION
If you have purchased or signed up for the free trial of Market Samurai then you would have already been sent an email offering some SEO videos (from SEO pros) in exchange for your email address again - the typical first step in a new internet marketing product launch.

Having watched the first couple of videos, the focus is definitely on article syndication - which is a key guide to what their new product is about.

2. The Domain
While they are not actively promoting the domain name Article Samurai yet, they if you visit the domain you will seea cutout of the standard samurai helmet with an email sign up and a large 'coming soon'.

How Can I Find Out More About This Product?

Now after I have gotten you excited to learn more, the problem is that unless you are one of the 300,000 users of Market Samurai already, then you are not going to get access to Article Samurai until after they do a closed off launch to iron out the creases with a small user base.

Don't Already Own Market Samurai?

If you want to be one of the first to use Article Samurai then you need to be a Market Samurai user. This software normally costs $149, however if you are keen to buy this amazing software then you will want to learn about the Market Samurai Discount that will save you $52 off the everyday price!

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