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What Is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai is a keyword analysis tool for search engine optimisation that's been receiving a large amount of hype recently, quickly becoming what most seo experts are saying, to be the best keyword research tool available. 

Used by over 117,000 marketers, this amazing piece of software is quickly becoming

Market Samurai Bonus

If you are here looking for a Market Samurai bonus then let me assure you that I am not going to offer you an over-hyped, over-priced ebook or course as a bonus for purchasing Market Samurai through my link. Personally I don't like these offers because the content in the 'free bonus' isn't usually that good AND PERSONALLY, I WOULD JUST PREFER A DISCOUNT!

So My Market Samurai Bonus...Is A $52 Discount!

That's right, instead of going for the shock of 'Let me give you a $3,000 ebook package' incentive to buy Market Samurai (because we all know the majority of them will be ebooks that they bought for $1), I want to show you how you can save 35% off the regular price - that a lot of people are not telling you about!

It is a simple 3 step process - but it means NOT BUYING MARKET SAMURAI!

I hope I have you intrigued enough to keep reading, because I want to share with fantastic Market Samurai bonus that the team have actually built into the software!

STEP 1: Download The Market Samurai Trial

Market Samurai Bonus




Visit the Market Samurai website, and instead of clicking on the 'Buy Now' option, sign up for their free trial offer! The Market Samurai team actually reward people for trying out their software before they buy it, and by signing up, you will receive a full-working, 12 day trial of the software - so you can see if it is the right keyword research software for you.

STEP 2: Install The Software

Now that you have downloaded the software, simply install it and test it out. You will have 6 days to take advantage of their Market Samurai bonus!

STEP 3: Use The Trials Discount Offer!

Build into the trial version of the software is the Market Samurai bonus, and all you have to do to save $52 off the regular price is to purchase Market Samurai within 6 days of downloading the trial. And you can do this within the software itself, or through one of the emails that they send you.

**Speaking of emails, keep an eye out for their fantastic training emails where they give you videos on how to get the most out of the software!**

That Is How Simple The Market Samurai Bonus Is!


Once you have done all that, you will have purchased Market Samurai discount of $52 - saving you 35%!