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What Is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai is a keyword analysis tool for search engine optimisation that's been receiving a large amount of hype recently, quickly becoming what most seo experts are saying, to be the best keyword research tool available. 

But what exactly does Market Samurai offer its user that makes it the SEO tool that you need to be using? Find out in this Market Samurai review.

Market Samurai Reviewed

First and foremost, Market Samurai is a keyword research tool, however it performs a lot  more tasks than just keyword research. As you read further on, I will giver you a little more information about some of the main functions of the software. (and how to receive a Market Samurai discount that will save you 35% off the regular price!)

Before Using Market Samurai

Before I found Market Samurai, my process for researching keywords in new niches was to use a bit of luck and Google’s Keyword suggestion Tool, and compare results.  After that I would double check the real results on the search pages, and then click through to the top couple of results seeing how they were optimised as well as checking their PageRank.

This then gave me an idea of how easy it will be to rank my new niche website on the top of first page of Google for that search term. But this process became very time consuming!

Market Samurai does all this for you! 

Make sure you read to the bottom to see how to take advantage of the Market Samurai bonus!

Keyword Research | Market Samurai Review

Basically the idea is that you type in your desired niche as a keyword and then click "generate keywords" and Market Samurai spits out a list of related words. It is then your turn to remove anywords that you may not be interested in targetting (but I recommend leaving as many as possible - because you might me disregarding a great keyword) and then click "Analyze results". 

You can easily add positive or negative keyword filters to quickly manipulate the keyword list.

Market Samurai then outputs the following information on each keyword!

1. Estimated Daily Searches (from Google)
2. SEO Traffic Search Traffic – What you should expect if your page was in #1 position,
3. Phrase/Broad Ratio - the percentage of phrase searches to broad searches
4. The Google Trend (Shows if it is a growing or consistent keyword)
5. Google Adwords - the number of competing Ads on Google Adwords
7. Google CPC - the average cost per click of this word in #1 position
8. Adwords CTR - the expected CTR if you were ranked for #1 on Adwords

… a couple of other things that this software provides for each keyword is, the SEO value of the keyword, and an index of how commercial each term is

Why Market Samurai

That all sounds pretty good, but let's take a look at why YOU personally need to be using Market Samurai!

1. Discover Exactly How YOU Can Profit From The Keywords In Your Market 

2. Publish Content Right From The Market Samurai Softare

3. Discover Untapped Niches

4. Find Valuable Content For Your Site

5. Find Backlinks For Your Site

6. Find Out What Makes Your Competition Rank Higher Than You!

7. Then Know Exactly What You Need To Do To Beat Them

8. There Are  NO MONTHLY FEES!

9. You Don't Have To Pay Full Price (Save $52!)

Market Samurai Review Results

So as you can see, there is definitely a good reason why Market Samurai has made the impact on the SEO community that it has - but Market Samurai is not just for SEO experts.

The best thing about Market Samurai is that due to the price, it has allowed everyday website owners, bloggers and internet marketers, the necessary tools to beat the SEO experts at their own game!

But Don't Pay Full Price | Market Samurai Discount

Market Samurai usually retails for $149, but if you are interested in puurchasing this fantastic software then check out this fantastic Market Samurai Discount that will save you 35% ($52) off the regular price of the software!

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Coming Soon! New Product By The Same People.

The team that brough us Market Samurai have been working hard on the creation of a brand new product that is set to help website owners with the ranking and seo of their websites called Article Samurai. Definitely something to keep your eye out for.